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Change of registration certificate address

Change of address

When you move, you have 1 month to have your vehicle registration address changed. The procedure is different depending on the registration number of your vehicle, whether it is in the form AB 123 CD or 123 AB 01.

  • If your registration format is type 123 AB 01: you will receive a new gray cardwith a new registration in the new SIV format, you will then have to change your plates and notify your insurance of this change.
  • If your registration format is of the AB-123-CD type: you will receive a self-adhesive label to be placed on your current gray card, on the dotted lines around your old address.

    At the 4th change of address, you will receive a new gray card.

    If you are checked by the police when you have not declared your change of address within one month, you risk a fine of up to €750 (generally a fixed fine of €135).

    The request for a duplicate can be made on the ANTS website or by a service authorized by the State.

Here is the list of documents required for the duplicate request:
– The grey card,
– A valid proof of identity of the holder (and of the co-holder if applicable),
– A proof of residence of your new address of – 6 months,
– The mandate (cerfa 13757*03) if you go through an authorized service,
Application for registration certificate (cerfa 13750*05).

Once your process has been validated and paid for, you will receive your label or registration document by post within 5 to 7 working days.


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