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Other procedures

Here are the other procedures we can take for you. If you cannot find the procedure you need, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, or through the contact form.

List of procedures

Change of marital status following divorce / death

The change of marital status consists of the change of the holder of the gray card following a divorce or a death. This procedure makes it possible not to repay the total amount of the vehicle registration document if certain conditions are met :

  • in case of divorce :
    to complete this process, you must be the joint holder of the vehicle registration document and provide us with the divorce decree which assigns you the vehicle. In this case, the registration card will cost you 2.76 (+ 40 euro service)
    If you are not a joint holder, the change of holder is considered as a classic transfer and you will have to pay a full registration card (+ 30 euro service)
  • In case of death :
    When a loved one dies, there are a lot of formalities to be carried out, in particular concerning the registration card.
    * 1st case: you wish to keep the vehicle, it must then be put in your name.
    You were married under the community of property: you will then have to provide us with the death certificate, a copy of the family record book where it is stipulated the matrimonial regime as well as an identity document, your driving license, proof of home, insurance certificate.
    * 2nd case: you want to sell the vehicle: within 3 months of the death, you can sell the vehicle by providing your buyer with the death certificate and a copy of your family record book. If you exceed this deadline, you will first need to change your name. Once you have received the registration card in your name, you can sell the vehicle whenever you want.
    In this case, the registration card will cost you 2.76 (+ 40 euro service).

Change of tenant address for leased vehicles

Your vehicle is leased and you are moving … You will need a MANDATE from the leasing organization that authorizes you to make this change.

Change of company name

Your company has changed its corporate name. With a recent kbis which proves this modification, we can request this change on your gray card.

Correction of information or modification of technical characteristics

  • You wish to make a modification on your registration certificate such as for example a clamping / unclamping of a 2-wheeler, or to switch your vehicle from 2 places to 5 places, switch to ethanol … you will need to provide a certificate from the approved professional who made this modification
  • There may be an error on your registration card, for example in the spelling of your name, in the model, in the serial number or in the number of seats…. To make the modification, you will need to provide proof that justifies our modification request.

Theft of license plates

If you get fines or have problems with law enforcement and you are not the cause, someone is probably using your registration to commit offenses. By proving that it was not you who made these infractions, we can then apply for a new registration number.

Driving licence

Regarding the driving license, we can help you in several cases :

  • You have just obtained your license and you wish to make your 1 rst request
  • You want to get a duplicate because you lost it, it was stolen or damaged
  • You wish to obtain a new license following a suspension
  • You want to renew your license because it is expiring
  • You wish to exchange your foreign license and obtain a French license