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Duplicate for loss, theft or damage

Have you lost your registration card? was it stolen from you? Is it damaged?

We can request a duplicate. First of all, you need to know if your technical inspection is valid, and if the address on the registration document is correct.

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We support you in this process, here are the different steps :

Step 1/2

Prepare the list of your documents

Step 2/2

Registration procedure

I don't know the registration number

Select a procedure and your department

Mark :
Model :

Place of purchase :

You have already declared 3 changes of address for this vehicle and you want to declare a 4th (the 3 places on the registration card are occupied) :

Sélectionnez l'objet de la modification :

Camionnette 5 places assises ?

Le code de carrosserie (CE) de votre véhicule est-il camion pick-up (J2 = BE) ?

Véhicule affecté exclusivement à l'exploitation des remontées mécaniques et des domaines skiables ?

Pick-up 5 places J2 = BE non affecté aux domaines skiables

Le véhicule est-il destiné au tranport de voyageurs et de leurs bagages ?

Handicap bodywork / Disability card :

Type of registration :

Has the vehicle been the subject of community acceptance?

Demonstration vehicle?

Collector's vehicle?

Vehicle intended for the transport of goods:

Y1 - Regional tax :
Y1 bis - Additional tax for high power cars :
Y2 - Professional training tax :
Y3 - Additional tax on passenger cars:
Y3 - CO2 passenger car penalty:
Y4 - Management tax:
Y5 - Routing charge:
Y6 - Taxes payable:
A1 - management fees:

The tax (Y3 - CO2 penalty for passenger cars) may be reduced by 20g / km per dependent child from the 3rd and for 1 single vehicle with at least 5 seats per household. This reduction must be requested from the tax office and is subject to reimbursement.

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First of all, you have to check

Who can apply?

The request for a duplicate can only be made by the holder or the joint holder of the damaged, stolen or lost registration card.

If your vehicle was purchased under leasing, the registration card is in the name of the owner organization (finance company or rental company). You must therefore notify him of this loss and he will send you a mandate authorizing you to do so.

A minor holding a registration certificate for a 50 cm3 moped cannot request a duplicate himself. The duplicate request must be signed by the person or institution vested with parental authority or custody rights.

What documents depending on the case?

Case 1 - Loss of the vehicle registration document

Case 2 - Theft of the vehicle registration document

Case 3 - Damage to the vehicle registration document

Keep the damaged vehicle registration card, as it may be claimed from you. You can destroy it 5 years after receiving the duplicate.

Please note: if your registration is in the form 1234 AB 56, you will get a new registration in the form AB-123-CD. You will then have to change your plates with the new registration.

What is the cost of the process?

The cost of the registration card is variable.
You can assess the cost of your vehicle registration document by using this simulator or by starting the procedure.

Générateur de documents

Compléter ce formulaire afin de recevoir par email, la liste des documents nécessaires à la procédure.

Document generator

Complete this form in order to receive by email the list of documents required for the procedure.