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VAT Quitus

The tax quitus: document provided by the tax center on which the buyer of the vehicle depends, certifying that the VAT has been paid somewhere in Europe. It is provided for only vehicles purchased in a country of the European Union: you can ask your tax office or have us do it for you – do not hesitate to contact us by phone, by email at this topic.

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Administrative registration process

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Prepare the list of your documents

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About your request

List of documents required for a Tax Quitus

  • Valid identity document: identity card, passport or residence permit
    Proof of address of less than 6 months (or, in the case of joint holders, proof of the one whose address will appear on the registration card)
  • Mandate (cerfa 13757*03)
  • Certificate of assignment 15776 * 02
  • Complete foreign registration certificate
  • PRA if from Italy
  • Photo of the builder plate

If you are a minor / hosted (by your parents, a friend, etc.)

  • Hosting certificate from the host (model to download)
  • Proof of address of the host less than 6 months old
  • Valid identity document from the host: identity card, passport or residence permit

If you are a joint owner of this vehicle (2 buyers)

  • Valid co-holder identity document: identity card, passport or residence permit

If your are a company

  • Kbis ​extract
Générateur de documents

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Document generator

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