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Declaration of vehicle transfer

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Case 1 – The transfer of a vehicle by the previous owner

In the event of the transfer of a vehicle already registered in France, the former owner must inform the Minister of the Interior within 15 days, specifying the identity and domicile indicated by the new purchaser.

Before the tranfer

The seller must obtain the documents necessary for the transfer:

  • Certificate of transfer (cerfa 15776) : to be completed in 2 copies, each will keep a copy
  • Certificate of administrative situation (which you can find on the site less than 15 days
  • Technical inspection of – 6 months

At the time of the assignment

The seller must give the buyer the 3 documents mentioned above as well as the ENTIRE gray card crossed out with the mention SOLD ON …… as well as THE DATE AND TIME of the sale and his signature.
The previous owner specifies “sold on (date and time) for destruction” or “transferred on (date and time) for destruction”, if the vehicle is transferred or sold for destruction

The indication of the time of the transfer allows the former owner to be released from any liability in the event of any infringements committed on the day of the transfer by the new purchaser
.If the registration certificate includes a detachable coupon, the former owner must complete the part relating to the contact details of the purchaser (unless it is an automobile professional), sign in the reserved box for this purpose, and return the complete registration certificate to the purchaser.The coupon allows the purchaser to travel for one month while awaiting the registration certificate in his name

Within 15 days after the assignment

The previous owner declares the transfer of the vehicle:

  • either on our site with the “Assignment” process
  • either directly or on the ANTS website
  • or through an automotive professional, on presentation of the cerfa transfer certificate n ° 15776 * 02 duly completed.

Case 2: Assignment for destruction

The transfer of a vehicle for destruction can only be done to an automotive professional or to a recycling center for end-of-life vehicles (ELV center). Before submitting his registration certificate to the ELV center, the former owner must bear there, in a very legible and unalterable manner, the words “sold on (date and time) for destruction” or “transferred on (date and time ) for destruction ”. The transfer certificate must mention that the vehicle is transferred for destruction to a professional. If the registration certificate includes a detachable coupon, the former owner completes it with the information from the acquiring ELV center and signs in the box reserved for this purpose, then cuts it and keeps it for a period of five years at the disposal of the services. of the Ministry of the Interior.

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