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Online registration service

Do you want to change your vehicle registration document? or carry out any other procedure concerning your vehicle? or are you having some difficulty?

With our long experience in this field, we take care of your formalities.

Whatever your situation, we are specialized in special cases, we will support you as best we can by answering all your questions and will try to find solutions with you.

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Since the end of 2009, it is possible to register your vehicle online. This date marks the transition from the old registration system called FNI (1234 ZZ 54) to the new system called SIV (Vehicle Registration System) in the form XX-123-XX.

At each intervention on the gray card (for example change of owner or change of address), vehicles registered in the old system will receive a registration number in the new system in the form XX-123-XX which over time time will make the old registrations disappear.

Since November 2017, it is no longer possible to go to the prefecture. All the procedures are done online, or through licensed professionals.

This new system registration number will be retained by the vehicle for life until it is destroyed or exported. There is no longer the notion of a department, it is a national number. We can therefore process files from all over France.

Thus, we offer the most complete list of procedures possible that you can consult using the tabs below.

If you cannot find the procedure you need, we have provided you with a contact form, as well as a telephone number to explain your situation to us.

Which vehicles must be registered?

All land motor vehicles (passenger car, 2 wheels and scooter, including less than 50 cm3, motorcycle, quad, moped, tricycle, quadricycle, camper van, van, tractor and other agricultural machinery), as well as trailers with a GVW of more than 500 kg (including agricultural trailers), must be registered to travel on public roads.

To help you in your steps ...

On the home page of this site, you will find a document generator that will allow you to obtain the personalized list of documents you need to complete your process according to your case, as well as the necessary forms to download.

Our company is authorized by the Ministry of the Interior (Authorization Nº188573) and approved by the Public Treasury (Approval Nº46489) for the establishment of your new registration certificate (ex-carte grise) since 04/03/2009.

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