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Assignment and Certificate of Assignment

Change of owner's registration card

Do you want to change vehicle? Here’s what you need to know before selling or buying a new vehicle.

1/ The transfer of a vehicle by the former owner (individual to individual):

The owner who wishes to sell his vehicle must above all prove that his vehicle is in good working order, its maintenance has that been carried out and that his administrative situation is clean, for this he must:

  • Carry out a technical inspection (it must be – 6 months old on the date of sale),
  • Carry out (depending on the technical control) a partial or complete overhaul(this can be negotiated with the buyer),
  • Transmit to the purchaser the Certificate of administrative situation (downloadable on the site of less than 15 days,
  • Print a transfer certificate (cerfa No. 15776), it must be completed in 2 copies using the information on the gray card.

At the time of transfer:

The seller must submit the above documents to the purchaser, he must complete with him the information requested on the transfer certificate and make sure to fill in the date and time of the transfer.

The seller must return the gray card crossed out, signed, with the mention “sold on (date + time)” to the purchaser.

The indication of the time of the transfer allows the former owner to release his responsibility in the event of any infringements committed on the day of the transfer by the new purchaser.

If the registration certificate includes a detachable coupon, the former owner must fill in the part relating to the contact details of the purchaser (unless it is a car professional), sign in the box reserved for for this purpose, and return the full registration certificate to the purchaser. The coupon allows the purchaser to travel for one month while waiting for the registration certificate in his name.

Within 15 days after the assignment:

In the event of the transfer of a vehicle already registered in France, the former owner must inform the Minister of the Interior within 15 days, specifying the identity and domicile indicated by the new purchaser.

The declaration of the transfer allows the former owner to release himself from all responsibilities in the event that the new purchaser delays in undertaking the process of changing ownership.

This procedure can be carried out on the ANTS site or either through the intermediary of an automotive professional, upon presentation of the transfer certificate (cerfa n° 15776*02) duly completed.

2/ The transfer of a vehicle by the former owner (individual to professional):

The transfer of vehicles to automotive professionals is simpler and faster. Very often the professional will not ask you to carry out a technical inspection and overhaul since it is he who will carry out the work before putting the vehicle on sale. Of course you will have to show him your maintenance book and the previous technical inspection.

At the time of transfer:

You will draft the transfer certificate with the professional, ensuring that the date and time of transfer are entered. The gray card will also be crossed out, signed with the words “sold on (date + time)”.

3/ Transfer of a vehicle for destruction:

The transfer of a vehicle for destruction can only be carried out with an automobile professional or a recycling center for end-of-life vehicles (VHU center).

Before handing over your registration certificate to the VHU centre, the former owner must write on it, in a very legible and unalterable manner, the words “sold on (date and time) for destruction” or “transferred on (date and time ) for destruction”.

The transfer certificate must mention that the vehicle is transferred for destruction to a professional. If the registration certificate includes a detachable coupon, the former owner completes it with the information from the acquiring ELV center and signs in the box reserved for this purpose, then cuts it and keeps it for a period of five years at the disposal of the services. of the Ministry of the Interior.


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