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The change of owner

Duplicate Registration Card

You have just acquired a vehicle, you have 1 month from the date of sale to complete your gray card.

This process, which must be carried out by the new owner, can be done electronically on the ANTS website or with a service authorized by the State.

Below we have listed the documents to be provided for the change of ownership:

  • The registration document of the vehicle, it must be crossed out with the words “Sold on” followed by the date and time or “transferred on” followed by the date and time (for transfers for destruction),
  • The driver’s license front / back,
  • The identity document (or passport) front / back, if co-holder his identity document,
  • The transfer certificate (cerfa n° 15776*02) signed by the seller and the buyer with the date and time of transfer,
  • Proof of residence of – 6 months (water/Edf/telephone/home insurance or income tax bill),
  • Thetechnical control of – 6 months, unless the vehicle is less than 4 years old. Two-wheelers, trailers, caravans, quads and cars without a license are not subject to technical control.
  • The valid insurance certificate,
  • The application for a registration certificate (cerfa n°13750*05).

    As well as the following documents depending on your case:

  • The declaration of purchase if you bought your vehicle from an automotive professional,
  • A Kbis extract if you are a professional,
  • A signed mandate if a service authorized by the State takes care of the process.
  • If you have purchased a foreign vehicle, go to our dedicated article.

The cost of the gray card is variable, it depends on the characteristics of the vehicle and the region in which you live.

As soon as the validation and payment of your procedure are carried out, the registration certificate (ex-gray card) is printed and sent by registered letter directly by the State services, it takes between 3 and 5 working days to receive it at your mailing address.

Sometimes, the deadline can be extended if the request is incomplete or must be analyzed by the instructing service.

Good to know: the conversion of an old registration (type 123 AB 01, known as FNI) into a SIV number has no consequence on the validity of the roadworthiness test. The minutes of the technical inspection shall be authentic.

If you make a change of holder whose gray card is an old registration, you will have at the end of your procedure a Provisional Certificate of Registration (CPI) and a new registration in SIV number, this document is to be printed to allow you to circulate the time to receive your gray card but also to buy your new license plates.

If you are absent during the passage of the postman, a notice of passage will be deposited with you. You then have 15 days to retrieve your document from La Poste (or give power of attorney to a third party to do it for you). After this period, the title is returned to the sender. You will need to contact ANTS to have it returned to you.

Note : you must keep the old registration card for 5 years, then destroy it.


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