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Provisional WW

You have a foreign vehicle (which belongs to you or which you have just purchased, and you wish to use it while awaiting final registration: we can provide you with a provisional French registration number in the form WW-123 -XX. This provisional certificate is valid for 4 months, and is non-renewable.
Thus, you will be in good standing to travel and can easily obtain an insurance certificate.

Price include :

  • 11 € for the gray card
  • 30 € for the service


Benefit :



Change of owner's registration card

Step 1/2

Prepare the list of your documents

Step 2/2

About your request

List of documents for the provisional WW

  • complete foreign registration card
  • ID
  • proof of residence of -6 months
  • proof of purchase: declaration of transfer or invoice
  • mandate
  • certificate request.
Générateur de documents

Compléter ce formulaire afin de recevoir par email, la liste des documents nécessaires à la procédure.

Document generator

Complete this form in order to receive by email the list of documents required for the procedure.