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COC (European Certificate of conformity)

In most cases, it is essential for registering your vehicle in France. The price varies according to each manufacturer.
Each manufacturer has an approval service from which you can obtain information. We can also take care of this process for you by telephone and email, the price of the document being variable.

In certain cases where the vehicle was not built for the European market, and therefore cannot obtain a Certificate of Conformity, it will be possible to obtain an Isolated Title Acceptance Report: the file is submitted to the DREAL closest to you, who will call you to check the vehicle.
After this check, if everything is in order, this body will issue you a certificate which will allow you to obtain the registration of your vehicle.
If everything is not correct, they will give you a list of modifications and / or tests to be carried out through the UTAC organization.

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Administrative registration process

Step 1/2

Prepare the list of your documents

Step 2/2

About your request

List of documents required for a European certificate of conformity

  • Valid identity document: identity card, passport or residence permit
  • Proof of address of less than 6 months (or, in the case of joint holders, proof of the one whose address will appear on the registration card)
  • Complete foreign registration certificate

If you are a minor / hosted (by your parents, a friend, etc.)

  • Hosting certificate from the host (model to download)
  • Proof of address of the host less than 6 months old
  • Valid identity document from the host: identity card, passport or residence permit

If you are a joint owner of this vehicle (2 buyers)

  • Valid co-holder identity document: identity card, passport or residence permit

If you are a company

  • Kbis Extract ​
Générateur de documents

Compléter ce formulaire afin de recevoir par email, la liste des documents nécessaires à la procédure.

Document generator

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