Registration of foreign car

Do you have or do you want to buy a vehicle abroad?

When your vehicle arrives in France, you have ONE month to register your vehicle: this period may be too short to collect all the documents, plus the processing time of the file by the State investigating service. The treatment time with the latter can vary from 4 to 6 weeks. The best thing is to obtain (from us, if you wish) a temporary WW for a period of 4 months non-renewable (this provisional WW will cost you 41 euros including service).

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We support you in this process, here are the different steps :

Step 1/2

Prepare the list of your documents

Step 2/2

Registration procedure

Je ne connais pas l'immatriculation

Selectionnez une démarche et votre departement

Marque :
Modèle :

Lieu d'achat :

Vous avez déjà déclaré 3 changements d'adresse pour ce véhicule et vous voulez en déclarer un 4ème (les 3 emplacements sur la carte grise sont occupés) :

Sélectionnez l'objet de la modification :

Camionnette 5 places assises ?

Le code de carrosserie (CE) de votre véhicule est-il camion pick-up (J2 = BE) ?

Véhicule affecté exclusivement à l'exploitation des remontées mécaniques et des domaines skiables ?

Pick-up 5 places J2 = BE non affecté aux domaines skiables

Le véhicule est-il destiné au tranport de voyageurs et de leurs bagages ?

Carrosserie handicap / Carte d'invalidité :

Type d'immatriculation :

Le véhicule a fait l'objet d'une réception communautaire ?

Véhicule de démonstration ?

Véhicule de collection ?

Véhicule destiné au transport de marchandises :

Y1 - Taxe régionale :
Y1 bis - Taxe additionnelle voitures de forte puissance :
Y2 - Taxe formation professionnelle :
Y3 - Taxe additionnelle voitures de tourisme :
Y3 - Malus CO2 voitures de tourisme :
Y4 - Taxe de gestion :
Y5 - Redevance d'acheminement :
Y6 - Taxes à payer :
A1 - frais de gestion :

La taxe (Y3 - Malus CO2 voitures de tourisme) peut faire l'objet d'une diminution de 20g/km par enfant à charge à partir du 3e et pour 1 seul véhicule d’au moins 5 places assises par foyer. Cette réduction doit être demandée auprès du service des impôts et fait l’objet d’un remboursement.

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Here are the steps to register your vehicle in France

1-Otain the tax clearance or depending on the case, the 846 A customs clearance certificate:

The tax quitus : document provided by the tax center on which the buyer of the vehicle depends, certifying that the VAT has been paid somewhere in Europe. It is provided only for vehicles purchased in a country of the European Union: you can ask your tax office or ask us to do it for you – do not hesitate to contact us by phone, by email on this subject. .

846 A: this document is provided by the Customs service after payment of VAT and customs fees. It concerns vehicles acquired in a country which does not belong to the European Union.

2-Obtain the COC (European certificate of conformity)

In most cases, it is essential for registering your vehicle in France. The price varies according to each manufacturer.
Each manufacturer has an approval service where you can get information. We can also take care of this process for you.

In the event that the vehicle was not built for the European market, and therefore cannot obtain a Certificate of Conformity, it will be possible to obtain an Isolated Title Acceptance Report: the file is submitted to the DREAL closest to you, who will call you to check the vehicle. If your vehicle is over 30 years old, we can obtain an FFVE certificate, which will avoid creating the DREAL file.

3-After having gathered all the necessary documents, we can start the process

Send your entire file by post and, if you wish, by email, or through your CUSTOMER AREA.
If you are missing a document, we will contact you by return. You have a telephone number to contact us at any time for the follow-up of your file.


To be able to benefit from your vehicle as soon as it is purchased, we can provide you with a temporary WW which is valid for 4 months, non-renewable, which allows you to use your vehicle legally and to facilitate obtaining insurance in France, in waiting to obtain your final registration.

In which cases do we apply for the registration of a foreign vehicle?

Here is the list of documents to provide to register your vehicle in France from abroad

What is the cost of registering your vehicle?

You can use step 2 of the procedure to determine the cost.

To do this, you will need the following information:

  • The date of 1rst registration
  • The administrative power
  • The CO2 rate
  • The energy
  • The type of vehicle
  • Department of residence