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Purchase declaration

Administrative registration process

The declaration of purchase only concerns automotive professionals.

When you buy a vehicle for the purpose of reselling it and your activity includes “purchase and sale of vehicle”, you do not make a registration card in your name but a declaration of purchase, which you are obliged to register in the SIV (Vehicle Registration System).

When reselling a vehicle, the professional must give the new purchaser the crossed-out gray card, a completed and stamped transfer certificate, as well as the declaration of purchase.

Without this declaration of purchase, the new owner will not be able to apply for a registration certificate (ex gray card) in his name and will find himself blocked.

To make this declaration, you must send to a service authorized by the Government:

– thetransfer certificate,

copy of the gray card,

– a kbis (the 1st time – to be renewed if it exceeds 6 months),

– the valid CNI of the manager (National Identity Card).

Upon receipt of these documents, the service sends you a receipt of declaration of purchase (a copy of this receipt must be provided to the future buyer, accompanied by the transfer, the stamped and crossed out gray card and the technical inspection of – 6 months) .

To conclude, the declaration of purchase is mandatory for all automotiveprofessionals, it must be made when purchasing a vehicle and it must be sent to the new buyer.


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