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Request of W Garage certificate

The W GARAGE is only issued to automotive professionals: repairers, sellers, carriers, bodybuilders, importers and manufacturers for the use of certain types of vehicles.

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About the W Garage certificate request

It is valid for the calendar year and must be renewed each year between November 1 and December 31.

After this date, you will have to reapply and not renew and you will obtain a new number, which will require you to change your plates.

The W garage certificate is attached to the automotive professional. It allows him to manufacture number plates.

The plates are removable. They are attached to the vehicle that he wishes to circulate on the public highway at a given time (to carry out a test for example). They are then removed and can be attached to another vehicle. Only one vehicle can drive with the W garage at a time.
The original of the certificate must be on board the vehicle in circulation. It must be presented in the event of an inspection.

Note: if the W garage certificate is used for an already registered vehicle, only the W number must be used.

Under what conditions can I use my W GARAGE?

The following vehicles can be registered in W garage :

Where can I use it?

The circulation of a vehicle with a W garage certificate is possible throughout France. It is not limited to the company’s location department.

It is not possible to use such a certificate abroad, nor to obtain an international W garage certificate.

Its use is only reserved for French territory, with the exception of prototypes whose development requires tests in foreign countries. In this case, the professional must also be in possession of a certificate of the technical characteristics of the vehicle.

The W garage certificate is valid for the calendar year and includes the expiry date of the provisional registration.

The renewal request, made with the National Agency for Secured Titles (ANTS), must be submitted for the following year between November 1 and December 31.

No renewal request can be made after December 31st. If so, a new W number is assigned.