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Registration of assignment

Do we have to register the assignment when we sell our vehicle?

Yes, first of all so that your buyer can register and secondly to release you from any liability. If your buyer does not register and commits offenses, he will receive them directly.

Is it possible to sell a vehicle for parts or for destruction to an individual?

No, disposal for destruction can only be done to an automotive professional who will have it destroyed by an approved ELV (End-of-Use Vehicles) center or directly to the approved center.
Can I sell a vehicle that is more than four years old when the technical inspection is more than six months old?
Yes, if you are selling to an automotive professional. If you sell to an individual, it is imperative to provide your buyer with a technical inspection of -6 months.

I bought a second-hand vehicle that I immediately resold without registering, can I register my transfer certificate at the prefecture?

No, you cannot resell a vehicle without having first regularized the administrative situation of the vehicle in your name. It is therefore only after completing this process that your sales certificate can be registered. Otherwise, you remain civilly and criminally responsible for the said vehicle.

I sold a vehicle but I receive notices of contravention relating to offenses committed after the sale

You should go to the prefecture or sub-prefecture with the contravention notices, your valid identity document and a copy of the transfer certificate. A registration certificate will be given to you to complete your request for exemption.