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Foreign car

How to obtain the VAT quitus?

By contacting the tax office on which you depend, providing their identity card, proof of address, vehicle registration papers from the country of origin, proof of purchase if it is a purchase.

Is the COC (certificate of conformity) mandatory to register a vehicle in France from abroad?

No, this is not mandatory provided that the information on the foreign registration certificate is complete such as the TVV (Type Variant Version), or the European type-approval number …;

I bought a vehicle registered abroad. I have lost the foreign registration certificate. What should I do ?

Whatever the previous country of registration of the vehicle, you should contact the authorities of the foreign country of registration in order to obtain a duplicate of the foreign registration certificate or, failing that, a transit document issued by the foreign authorities to your name.

Where can I get a COC (Certificate of Conformity) in order to be able to register my car in France?

There are many sites on the internet that allow you to do this. You have to be careful because some sites charge for this document, and either do not send it to you or send you an incorrect one.
Our advice is to contact the French homologation service of the manufacturer of your vehicle directly. Otherwise we propose to carry out this process for you.