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Change of owner

Can we put 2 names on the registration card?

Yes, there will be the holder and the co-holder, it will therefore be necessary to provide the identity document of the joint holder, and that his name also be entered on the declaration of assignment as well as his signature.

How old must the technical control be when changing your vehicle registration document?

It must imperatively be dated -6 months on the date of the process

From what age does the vehicle tax increase to 50%?

From the age of 10, the regional tax rises to 50%.

Who may have a registration card?

Anyone who holds the driving license corresponding to the category of vehicle to be registered

Is insurance compulsory for a change of owner?

Yes, valid insurance is compulsory.

How long do we have to change ownership after the purchase?

You have ONE month to change your vehicle registration document after your purchase date. After this period, you incur a fine of 135 euros.

How long does it take to receive a registration card once the file is validated?

You will receive it within 4-7 working days, by post, in a secure envelope. The same goes for the self-adhesive label that you receive after changing the address of a vehicle registered in the new system (AA-123-AA)

What proof of residence is accepted for making a request for my registration card?

  • A property title
  • A tax or non-tax notice
  • A rent receipt (issued by a real estate agency or a housing organization), a gas, electricity, water or telephone bill,
  • A home insurance certificate

Can we request that our registration card be sent to an address other than that of the registration card?

No, it must be sent to the cardholder’s address on the registration card

Do you have to register a car without a license?

Yes, all motorized vehicles traveling on public roads must be registered. On the other hand, it will be necessary to have the appropriate driving license for this category of vehicle.

What precautions should I take when purchasing a used vehicle from a private individual?

Check the name on the gray card: if you buy from a private individual, the gray card must be in the name of your seller. If you are buying from a business, also make sure that the person in front of you is in charge of the business.
If you are buying from a garage, make sure they issue you a document called a Purchase Declaration Receipt in the name of the garage. This document is the electronic registration of the purchase of the vehicle by the garage with the prefecture.

In all cases, require a certificate of administrative status (known as a certificate of non-pledge) dated less than fifteen days;
Ask to see the seller’s identity document ;
Check that it matches the identity shown on the registration certificate;
If the registration certificate is drawn up in the name of several holders, all holders must sign and cross out the gray card and complete and sign the sales certificate;
If the vehicle is more than four years old, require a favorable technical inspection of less than six months or less than two months if it includes a second inspection;
Please note: if the registration certificate is in the name of a leasing company, the lessee cannot sell the vehicle.